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Gold Shovel Standard is dedicated to creating an excavation community free of damaging infrastructure strikes.

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Facility Owners

Ensure the safety of your asset.

Damage Prevention Incident Rate (DPIR)

A normalized measurement of the instances and circumstances of infrastructure strikes.


Add visibility to your work.

About Gold Shovel Standard

An Ecosystem for Industry Safety

GSS values the integrity of underground infrastructure as much as the facility owners and contractors who work in the industry. We’re here to create visibility and foster accountability in an industry with narrow margins for error.

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Gold Shovel Standard Focus Points

GSS Communities

Partnering with municipalities to help make their communities safer.

Transparency Through Standardized Performance Measurements (Metrics)

Damage prevention measurements enhance and improve the safety of our workforce and the public alike.


GSS delivers world-class software to drive continuous improvement that reduces damages and increase public and workforce safety.

Safety Management Systems

Damage Prevention-Safety Management Systems (DP-SMS) must be broadly adopted by all stakeholders to increase public and workforce safety.

Low Barrier To Entry

GSS is committed to perfecting a program that provides an easy entry-point, and that drives the highest safety yields with the least ongoing impact on daily operations.

Outstanding Customer Service

GSS Membership Specialists will integrate value-added tools into your processes, providing prompt, courteous, and professional care to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience from registration to certification.

World-Class Consulting

The GSS community of damage prevention experts provide world-class damage prevention consulting to subscribers at no additional cost.

Boldly Raising the Bar

GSS tackles the most difficult challenges in the damage prevention industry with a steadfast goal to improve performance and raise the performance bar for all stakeholders.

The Need For Standardized Metrics

The Need For Standardized Metrics

Dramatic reductions in the frequency of line strikes will remain elusive unless all parties continuously improve and measurements underpin continuous improvement. Standardizing the measurement process is an overdue first step to drive performance improvement and increase public and workforce safety. To achieve this ambitious plan, Gold Shovel Standard is working with balanced teams of damage prevention experts to draft, refine and broadly deploy damage prevention metrics for all stakeholders.

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Third-Party Damage Reductions and Communities

Third-Party Damage Reductions and Communities

“Everybody’s third-party is somebody’s second-party.” Reducing line strikes associated with small excavators and third-parties persists as the top priority for all stakeholders in damage prevention. These are difficult reductions to influence, and yet they represent the single biggest risk to safety associated with excavation damage. Gold Shovel Standard Communities are novel and ambitious partnerships to attack this persistent and difficult challenge.

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Increasing safety is impossible without the right tools. Gold Shovel Standard provides world-class technology to drive continuous improvement that reduces damages and increases public and workforce safety. ShovelSafe from Oropala puts damages prevention at the fingertips of business leaders, giving them the tools to drive continuous performance improvement. ShovelSafe is world-class technology for analyzing and tracking damage prevention performance.

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Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Pursuing the industry-wide goal of zero incidents requires comprehensive, systematic use of Safety Management Systems. Pipeline and other energy companies, and along with the regulatory community have recognized the critical importance of SMS. Broad adoption of Damage Prevention-Safety Management Systems (DP-SMS), which are safety management systems specifically tailored for damage prevention is a necessary ingredient to achieve that industry-wide goal of zero incidents.

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